August 23: Germany invades France

Shortly after the war broke out Germany launched a massive invasion of France, wanting to keep France out of the war. They had long prepared for war against France and after they had captured France their next plan was to go east into Russia.

To encircle the French troops the Germans had to move through neutral Belgium. The British had earlier guaranteed Belgium's neutrality and when Germany crossed the Belgian frontier, Britain answered with declaring war on Germany.

At the beginning it looked like Germany was going to be successful with their attack on France. They swept easily through Belgium and headed into France, pushing the French and British forces in front of them. But then something Germany had not planned on happened. Russia had mobilized their troops much faster than Germany had expected and they were now invading Germany from the east. This forced Germany to send some of the troops in France to send them east and stop the Russians. This gave the Allied forces, those who fought for the Triple Entente mainly France, Russia, and Great Britain., just enough advantage to stop the Germans and 48 km from Paris the Germans came to a dead stop at the Battle of the Marne. The two sides now were at a stalemate with hundreds of miles of trenches and these positions would barely change position for the next three years.